Alumni Registration
To register for alumni online services, you will need your PERSONAL ACCESS CODE. Your Personal Access Code is a 9 letter code that is unique for all UM Alumni. You can find your Personal Access Code on your UMAA Alumni Card or on any mailing from the University of Miami.

The UMAA Alumni Card

University of Miami Mailing Label
(Your Personal Access Code is the
nine letter code following "MIA" on the
 mailing label.
Disregard the final "P")
If you don't have your UMAA Alumni Card or a recent mailing from UM, you can request your Personal Access Code online, via e-mail at, or by calling 1-866-UMALUMS (1-866-862-5867)
Last Name     
Personal Access Code 
                      - OR-
If you have difficulty registering, contact the UMAA Help Desk at or 1-866-UMALUMS